Chapter 8 Denosumab reduces lesional Fluoride skeletal burden on Na[18F]F PET-CT in patients with Fibrous Dysplasia/ McCune-Albright syndrome. 180 J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2021 Jul 13;106(8):e2980-e2994. Chapter 9 Regression of fibrous dysplasia in response to denosumab therapy: a report of two cases. 206 Bone Rep. 2021 Apr 9;14:101058. GENERAL DISCUSSION and SUMMARY Chapter 10 General discussion and future perspectives 224 Chapter 11 Summary of this thesis 246 Chapter 12 Nederlandse samenvatting 254 APPENDICES List of publications 266 Acknowledgements / Dankwoord 272 Curriculum vitae 282