57 The EANM practice guideline for Bone Scintigraphy subgroups of patients at high risk of metastases can benefit from periodic bone scan examinations. The list of indications for SPECT/CT studies has not yet fully matured and more clinical trials are required before further evidence-based guidelines can be produced. In addition, the optimal tube current and voltage settings for CTs performed for localization and attenuation correction remains poorly defined and non-standardized, requiring further study. Disclaimer The EANM has written and approved guidelines to promote the use of high-quality nuclear medicine procedures. These general recommendations cannot be applied to all patients in all practice settings. The guidelines should not be deemed inclusive of all proper procedures and exclusive of other procedures reasonably directed to obtaining the same results. The spectrum of patients seen in a specialized practice setting may be different than the spectrum usually seen in a more general setting. The appropriateness of a procedure will depend in part on the prevalence of disease in the patient population. In addition, resource available for patient care may vary greatly from one European country or one medical facility to another. For these reasons, guidelines cannot be rigidly applied. Acknowledgements This guideline is based on the procedure guideline for bone scintigraphy of the French Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SFMN) edited by F. Paycha [6]. In addition, this document includes portions of the unpublished update of the 2003 Oncology Committee guideline “Bone scintigraphy: procedure guidelines for tumour imaging” edited by Felix M. Mottaghy [3]. The valuable input from the other EANM committees is greatly appreciated. 2