22 Chapter 1 Figure 3. FD-burden measurement of a lesion in the left intertrochanteric region (depicted with ‘FD’ in blue). At the right side the volume of interest semi-automatically drawn including the FD lesion limited by cut-off-defined thresholds. A site of osteoarthritis at the lumbosacral junction (depicted with ‘OA’ in red) and physiological uptake in kidneys and urinary bladder were deliberately not measured. Outline of this thesis This thesis investigates the role of two specific advanced multimodality molecular imaging techniques, bone-SPECT/CT and Na[18F]F-PET/CT, in selected benign bone and joint disease before and after treatment. In Part I of this thesis, the EANM guideline on bone scintigraphy (Chapter 2) summarizes the role of bone scintigraphy using [99mTc]Tc-oxidronate including Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography / Computed Tomography (bone-SPECT/CT) in (suspected) bone disease. Chapter 3 describes optimal advanced imaging using bone-SPECT/CT in patients with a post-operative painful knee. Chapter 4 portrays the evidence for use of bone-SPECT/CT in patients with painful post-operative hand and