132 Part I Chapter 5 Figure 8. Same patient as Figures 5 and 7: Plain radiographs showed calcaneonavicular in the left foot with partial ossification (red circle). Planar scintigraphy of the left foot (lateral view) demonstrated increased blood pool (early phase) as well as bone-turnover (late phase) in the lateral left articulation betweenmid- and hind- foot and increased bone-turnover dorsally in the left ankle joint (blue arrow). Figure 9. Twenty-nine-year-old female patient, at the time of SPECT/CT with bilateral mid-foot pain and bilateral calcaneonavicular: Complete osseous calcaneonavicular on plain radiograph (left panel), with typical calcaneonavicular bone bar and flat foot deformity (pes planovalgus) on lateral projection (red circle). MRI (middle and right panel) with no bone edema at the site of complete osseous calcaneonavicular, but bone marrow edema in adjacent navicular bone (Figure 9, green arrow on T2 fat saturation, right panel). CT, computed tomography.