CONTENTS CHAPTER 1 General introduction 9 PART A THEMES AND EVALUATION OF MCD CHAPTER 2 Moral dilemmas of Dutch prison staff: a thematic overview from all professional disciplines 37 CHAPTER 3 Empirical research on an ethics support service for prison staff: evaluation of Moral Case Deliberation sessions 63 PART B MEANING AND MEASUREMENT OF MORAL CRAFTSMANSHIP CHAPTER 4 Defining and measuring the concept of moral craftsmanship: developing a questionnaire for the Dutch prison context 89 CHAPTER 5 Contribution of Moral Case Deliberation to the moral craftsmanship of prison staff: a quantitative analysis 113 PART C EXPERIENCED OUTCOMES AND MORAL LEARNING CHAPTER 6 Experienced outcomes of Moral Case Deliberation sessions: the moral learning of Dutch prison staff 139 CHAPTER 7 General discussion 163 English summary 199 Nederlandse samenvatting 207 Appendices 217 ‘Eén is geen’ 247 Dankwoord 249 About the author 255