74 Chapter 3 Furthermore, facilitators mentioned in focus groups how participants sometimes indulged in negative whispering or harsh jokes during MCD. One facilitator stated: ‘People who were the target of jokes were rapidly silenced. There was also some spite in comments made about one another.’ Occasionally facilitators addressed such behavior; however, often they let it happen, hoping to continue reflections on the case content. Some facilitators talked about a supposed consensus of participants; it seemed participants aimed for a presumed consensus instead of continuing to explore the variety of differences within each other’s positions. A facilitator wrote: ‘the group strove enthusiastically to not differ from opinions’. Evaluation of the organizational conditions for MCD sessions We highlight two items from the survey-after-the-series regarding organizational conditions, which show that not all teams experienced ideal conditions for MCD. Figure 2 shows how about half of the participants experienced the frequency of MCD sessions to be just right, but over 36% experienced it as too frequent. Interviews showed how challenging it was for some teams to create proper circumstances, e.g., the planning was difficult due to busy work schedules. Figure 3 shows that about 40% of the participants thought the duration was too long. We saw a considerable variation in the sessions’ actual duration; therefore, we cannot deduce the optimal duration. Other adverse organizational conditions are too large groups and no breaks during MCD. Some participants stated that more consistency in the group or having the whole team present would benefit their MCD experience. Facilitators experienced participants’ resistance toward organizational issues of MCD and struggled that some experienced MCD as mandatory based on having a set number of sessions. Figure 2. Evaluation by participants, about the frequency of sessions, after the series Figure 3. Evaluation by participants, about the duration of sessions, after the series 36.3 49.3 14.4 - 25 50 75 100 Sessions followed each other too quickly The length of time between sessions was exactly right Sessions followed each other too slowly % of MCD-participants What did you think of the amount of time that passed between the MCD sessions? 80 100 ants What did you think of the duration of the MCD sessions? The sessions took: Figure 2. Evaluation by participants, about the frequency of sessions, after the series