64 Chapter 3 ABSTRACT Prison staff is confronted with many morally challenging situations during practice. There is no specific ethics support for prison staff to help them deal with moral challenges. The Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency implemented Moral Case Deliberation (MCD), a form of ethics support, in 16 teams within 3 prison locations. We performed multilevel quantitative and qualitative analysis, based on 2 self-developed MCD evaluation questionnaires, to evaluate staff’s experiences with the MCD facilitators, conversation method, quality of the dialogue, and conditions for ethics support. We evaluated 131 MCD sessions. Prison staff showed overall positive scores and experienced MCD as meaningful support. Prison staff mentioned MCD helps create constructive thinking and in-depth joint moral reflection. The dialogical skills of prison staff showed less positive evaluation scores. More attention to the needs and goals of all involved is needed to further incorporate and professionalize this worthwhile type of Ethics Support Service for prison staff.