47 Moral dilemmas of Dutch prison staff I. Security risks II. Working with prisoners III. Integrity IV. Good employment practices V. Compliance with top-down vision VI. Deviating from protocol VII. Addressing work climate VIII .Mutual coordination IX. Professional conduct a. Manageability a. Coercion and threats a. Unethical conduct a. Job insecurity a. Degree of humanity a. Stand up for rights a. Prioritization a. Sense of duty b. Reporting b. Refusal of care b. Being suspicious b. Fair treatment b. Carrying out assignments b. Tolerating b. Work ethic b. Demarcation of tasks b. Task vs. convenience c. Act appropriately when understa ed c. Degree of independence c. Preventing suspicion c. Bullying and discimination c. Stand by agreements c. Self-control d. Breaching professional con dentiality d. Feelings of involvement a. Discontent with policy e. Impact on private life d. Correctly informing each other Figure 2. Overview of main themes and subthemes of moral dilemmas from prison staff practice 2