45 Moral dilemmas of Dutch prison staff MAIN FINDINGS In total, we collected 1065 evaluation forms fromMCD participants and 171 forms from MCD facilitators. From the initial 171 MCD sessions, we included and analyzed a total of 154 cases of moral dilemmas retrieved from the included 148 MCD sessions. Figure 1 shows the criteria on which this selection was based. Total of data collection: 171 MCD sessions Total included: 148 MCD sessions = 154 moral dilemmas Exclusion Sessions (n=23): • Absence of data (n=18 sessions) • Content-driven: focus on emotions rather than a moral topic or dilemma (n=4 sessions) and a non-work-related dilemma (n=1 session) Moral dilemma (n=1): • Same concrete dilemma (n=1 dilemma) mentioned in 2 sessions Inclusion Extra dilemmas (n=7): • 5 sessions with 2 dilemmas in one MCD (n=5 extra dilemmas) • 1 session with 3 dilemmas in one MCD (n=2 extra dilemmas) Figure 1. Overview of selection of MCD sessions and related moral dilemmas Main themes and subthemes Our analysis shows a broad range of moral dilemmas and themes within prison work. Figure 2 presents an overview of the 9 main themes with their subthemes that cover all 154 cases of moral dilemmas of prison staff. The 9 main themes each contain from 2 to 5 subthemes. The subthemes show a wide variety of topics, ranging from individual doubts and interpersonal communication aspects to organizational or policy questions regarding addressing discontent. Based on our analysis with the ‘organizational levels’ (Table 1), we noticed how moral dilemmas are present in and between all levels of 2