23 General introduction members function as a control group to compare their situation with those involved as participants in the implementation of MCD at DCIA. To select prison locations that were willing to introduce MCD and those that would serve as a control location, we collaborated with the DCIA Educational Institute and the management teams of the prisons. MCD sessions were also held at some other DCIA locations, e.g., in Zwolle, but they were not part of this study. Ultimately 5 Dutch prison locations took part in this research: Leeuwarden, Vught, Almere, Nieuwegein, and Zwaag. In the prison locations ready to implement MCD, various teams were approached to participate in order to create a broad representation of the professional disciplines of the organization. Table 1 shows the disciplines of the involved teams. Table 1. Professional disciplines of the selected teams at the intervention locations Labour instructors Health care professionals Security guards Correctional officers Correctionals officers for repeated offenders Middle management Management team Case-managers re-integration services Backoffice re-integration services Prison locations serving as the control locations for the impact study were selected in a similar manner from institutions that were not willing to introduce MCD yet. We selected locations that would be comparable to the intervention groups based on confidential information from DCIA., with regard to the size of the prison or the type of prison (only correctional institutes, and no other types such as Penitentiary Psychiatric Centers). Additionally, more specific details were looked at per location, e.g., scores from their employee satisfaction survey. Eventually, together with local management we selected teams comparable to the ones in the intervention locations, based on their professional disciplines and the sizes of teams. 1