157 Experienced outcomes of MCD CONCLUSION This article provides insight into the contribution of MCD as an ethics support service to the moral learning of Dutch prison staff. The experienced outcomes show how prison staff value MCD as an instrument for in-depth reflections on the moral aspects of prison work. Both the MCD conversation method (i.e., the dilemma method) and the MCD facilitators guided participants toward an increased understanding of the morally challenging situations they encounter. MCD helped prison staff to become more aware of their responsibilities and their limitations, and to involve others sooner in complex situations. Furthermore, this study revealed that MCD empowered prison staff to address challenging issues, involve others, and it increased their self-awareness and self-control. The results of this study show the value of MCD as an instrument to foster a proces of moral learning of prison staff. Future research should focus on how to further maximize the potential of MCD, and create a wider impact on the individual, team and organizational level of the prison institutions. 6