127 Contribution of MCD to moral craftsmanship For the item ‘My work mostly consists of routine actions’ 25% of the intervention group indicated in the pre-measurement that they (strongly) agree, compared to 32% in the post-measurement. Initially, we expected that MCD allows participants to experience and become aware that there are always alternative options when making decisions about their actions. Seeing these results, it could also be the other way around: experiencing more deliberative freedom during the MCD sessions, perhaps they now experience their work even more as routine actions. As to the item ‘Colleagues explaining to the team why they acted the way they did after a difficult situation’, about half of the intervention group (51%) indicated (strongly) agreeing at the pre-measurement compared to only 42% at the post-measurement. We expected the MCD sessions to contribute to more explaining behaviour among colleagues, yet perhaps, again, the respondents became aware that, in comparison with the MCD sessions, they do not actually explain that much. So far, we have mentioned the items that showed a change. For some items we expected to find positive (significant) differences between the pre- and post-measurements of the intervention group, as they were thought to be more closely related to the properties of the MCD intervention (see Table 3). However, we did not find significant changes for these items in the intervention group, nor in the control group. When we repeated this analysis for mean scores, we saw the same results. Also based on the linked pre- and post-measurements, the extra analysis differed only slightly from the main analysis, indicating that the results are robust. Table 3. Items with an expected impact on MCS, that showed no impact In my work, I am aware of my own values and norms I know the personal values and norms of my immediate colleagues During work, I wonder whether I’m doing the right thing In my team we pay attention to ‘why’ we make certain decisions During our work, we as a team ask ourselves whether we are doing the right thing If we disagree with each other in my team, we still respect each other’s viewpoints I deviate from agreements/protocols when I feel it is right to do so After a difficult situation my colleagues explain to the team why they acted the way they did 5