77 ALTERED VISUOMOTOR PROCESSING IN NA 4 Figure 3 General task effects A. BIOMECHANICAL COMPLEXITY showing TFCE-maps of shared (neuralgic amyotrophy and healthy) activation for biomechanically complex versus easy movements collapsed over laterality. B. LATERALITY shows the shared activity related to factor LATERALITY, for left versus right (first three images) and right versus left (last three images) limb movements collapsed over biomechanical complexity. Familywise error corrected, p < 0.05; TFCE = threshold free cluster enhancement; R = right Table 2 General task effects Table containing information on shared (neuralgic amyotrophy and healthy) activation for the general task effects of BIOMECHANIAL COMPLEXITY (biomechanically complex (lateral) > easy (medial)) and LATERALITY (left > right and right > left). aDue to the extent of the cluster for the biomechanical complexity contrast at p < .05, clusters reported in the table are thresholded at p ≤ 0.001 to split the cluster into multiple clusters for reporting. As cluster size remained extensive at this threshold, we only report globally on the anatomical regions, and do not provide specific labels and their cluster probability. L = left; R = right; FWE = familywise error; TFCE = threshold free cluster enhancement