63 ALTERED SENSORIMOTOR REPRESENTATIONS IN NA 3 Postural symmetry analyses To determine the influence of the (a)symmetry of the participants’ own two hands’ postures on normalized error rate (ER) and median reaction time (RT), we performed two separate 3-factor mixed ANOVAs with between-group factor GROUP (neuralgic amyotrophy patients, healthy control subjects) and repeated factors POSTURAL_ SYMMETRY (symmetric, asymmetric) and LATERALITY (left, right) for ER and RT, as supplementary analyses. These analyses revealed that overall participants were faster when their own two hands were in symmetric postures as compared to when they were in asymmetric postures (see main effect of POSTURAL_SYMMETRY on RT, and post-hoc analyses in Supplementary Table 2). The results of the main analyses of this study (i.e. the GROUP x LATERALITY effect on ER and the main effect of LATERALITY on RT) remain significant when POSTURAL_SYMMETRY is added as a factor. Supplementary Table 2