44 CHAPTER 2 Radboudumc: Radboud university medical center; RCT: randomised controlled trial; SAEs: serious adverse events; SEPECSA: self-efficacy for performing energy conservation strategies assessment; SF-36: short-form 36; SRQ-DLV: shoulder rating questionnaire – Dutch language version; USER-P: Utrecht scale for evaluation of rehabilitation – participation; WMO: Dutch medical research involving human subjects act Declarations Ethics approval and consent to participate Ethical approval for this study has been granted by the accredited medical ethical committee of Arnhem-Nijmegen (2017-3740,v3.0, NL63327.091.17). Informed consent will be obtained from all study participants prior to participation in the study. Competing interests The authors declare that they do not have any financial or other competing interests for this study. Funding The study described in this publication is funded by the Prinses Beatrix Spierfonds [W.OR16-05]. The funder has no role in development, execution of, or reporting on this study protocol and its outcomes. Authors’ contributions Authors JG, RH, NvA, BvE, IC, IT and AG have applied for and received the funding for this project. The study design was further developed by all authors. The overall project is supervised by authors JG, BvE, IC, AG and RH. The study protocol that is described in this article was designed and written by authors RL, JG, BvE, IC and RH. The databases that are used are designed and maintained by author RL. Patient inclusion is performed and overseen by authors JG, NvA and RL. The data collection is performed by author RL. The experimental intervention is administered and overseen by authors JG and NvA. Academic subject expertise has been provided where needed by authors AG and IT. All authors have contributed to writing and/or editing of this report and have read and approved the final manuscript.