39 NA-CONTROL STUDY PROTOCOL 2 Figure 4 Overview of assessments and treatment Overview of assessments and treatment for the intervention group A. and the usual care group B. A single treatment session exists of 1 hour of physical therapy and 1 hour of occupational therapy. BM: baseline measurement; PP: visit to out-patient plexus clinic; TS: treatment session; OM: outcome measurement; F-U: follow-up Figure 5 Treatment model with the components addressed during the rehabilitation program Issues in the outer two circles (External factors, Activity and Participation) form the main focus of the occupational therapy sessions. During the physical therapy sessions, the main focus is on improving body functions. All other components (i.e. disease knowledge, fatigue, pain, behaviour, and self-efficacy and self-management) are addressed during occupational- as well as physical therapy. This is accomplished through conveying knowledge of neuralgic amyotrophy and adaptation of behaviour related to functioning in daily life. *Reproduced, with permission, from IJspeert et al. NeuroRehabilitation 2013; 3;657-66651