27 NA-CONTROL STUDY PROTOCOL 2 we calculated a required sample size of 42 patients. Assuming 20% dropout or noncompliance, we need to include 50 patients with NA. The Radboudumc hosts the national referral centre and the only expert multidisciplinary outpatient clinic for patients with NA in the Netherlands. Each year around 400 new patients with NA are seen, most referred by Dutch neurologists or general physicians. Of these 400 patients, about 40% are estimated to be eligible for inclusion (see Inclusion criteria). We therefore expect to be able to recruit sufficient patients with NA for this study within the 2-year inclusion period. Figure 2 Flowchart of the study design 50 neuralgic amyotrophy patients will be included. After the baseline measurement, participants are randomised into either the intervention group or the usual care group (1:1 ratio). After the first 17-week treatment period, both groups will undergo the first outcome measurement. The usual care group will then receive the 17-week rehabilitation program, after which they will undergo the second outcome measurement. Participants in both groups will complete a follow up from home 17 weeks after completing the rehabilitation program. Wks= weeks