190 APPENDICES would allow reuse of their data during this period. Data obtained from participants that indicated that their data could be reused, is available for reuse during this time period. There is no embargo on the accessibility of the data. Archived data are accompanied by files explaining the data(structure) and where applicable processing scripts. Privacy Reports on the research projects described in this thesis are note traceable to any of the individual participants. » For the data from chapter 3 that is available in the repository: individual data on age and time since last attack is not publicly archived, as these could be indirect identifiers. Access will be granted to named individuals in accordance with ethical procedures governing the reuse of sensitive data. Specifically, requestors must meet the following conditions to obtain the data: they must adhere to the RU-DIHD-1.0 data use agreement. » Data sharing requests pertaining the NA-CONTROL study (chapters 4-6) will be evaluated on a case by case basis. If a request pertains to potentially identifying data, appropriate measures will be taken prior to sharing of the data (e.g. deidentification of MRI data, 3D-photography and patient characteristics)