101 CLINICAL OUTCOME AFTER OUTPATIENT REHABILITATION IN NA 5 months, but even without this outlier the time since onset of NA in the MR group was on average 15.3 months and significantly longer compared to UC (t = 1.691; p < 0.001). Table 1 Baseline characteristics Values for age and time since onset are means (ranges). Values for sex, education and work are numbers (percentages). NA, neuralgic amyotrophy. *significantly different (p < 0.01). Table 2 Results of primary outcome measure (SRQ-DLV) Values aremeans (95%confidence intervals) for theShoulder RatingQuestionnaire-DutchLanguage Version (SRQ-DLV). Absolutemeans at baseline (T0) and directly after usual care or multidisciplinary rehabilitation (T1). Adjusted means at T1 (adjusted for age, sex and baseline values). Mean group difference between usual care and multidisciplinary rehabilitation at T1. *significant difference (p < 0.05).