37 2 Appendix Appendix 1. PubMed (MEDLINE), Embase, and Cochrane searches Search PubMed 02-11-2021 Result #1 "Head and Neck Neoplasms"[MeSH] OR "Jaw Neoplasms"[MeSH] OR Gingival cancer*[tiab] OR Gingival carcinom*[tiab] OR Gingival Neoplasm*[tiab] OR Head and Neck Cancer*[tiab] OR Head and Neck Carcinom*[tiab] OR Head and Neck Neoplasm*[tiab] OR Jaw Cancer*[tiab] OR Jaw Carcinom*[tiab] OR Jaw Neoplasm*[tiab] OR Lip Cancer*[tiab] OR Lip carcinom*[tiab] OR Lip Neoplasm*[tiab] OR Mandib* Cancer*[tiab] OR Mandib* Carcinom*[tiab] OR Mandib* Neoplasm*[tiab] OR Maxill* Cancer*[tiab] OR Maxill* Carcinom*[tiab] OR Maxill* Neoplasm*[tiab] OR mouth cancer*[tiab] OR mouth carcinom*[tiab] OR mouth neoplasm*[tiab] OR oral cancer*[tiab] OR oral carcinom*[tiab] OR oral neoplasm*[tiab] OR Palat* Cancer*[tiab] OR Palat* Carcinom*[tiab] OR Palat* Neoplasm*[tiab] OR Tongue Cancer*[tiab] OR Tongue Carcinom*[tiab] OR Tongue Neoplasm*[tiab] 363676 #2 "mastication"[MeSH] OR "Dental Occlusion"[MeSH] OR Bite[tiab] OR Biting[tiab] OR Chew*[tiab] OR Comminut*[tiab] OR Dental occlusion*[tiab] OR Tooth occlusion*[tiab] OR Teeth occlusion*[tiab] OR Masticat*[tiab] OR Occlusal Forc*[tiab] OR Triturat*[tiab] 89165 #3 "Quality of Life"[MeSH] OR Quality of Life[tiab] OR QoL[tiab] OR Health Related Quality of Life[tiab] OR OHRQoL[tiab] OR HRQoL[tiab] OR UWQOL[tiab] OR EQ-5D[tiab] OR EORTC-QLQ-C30[tiab] OR EORTC-QLQHN35[tiab] OR SWAL-QoL[tiab] OR MFIQ[tiab] OR OHIP[tiab] OR LORQ[tiab] 378657 #4 #1 AND #2 AND #3 328