32 Med.=median, m=months, N/A=not applicable, SD=Standard Deviation, SE=Standard Error, Tx=treatment, y=years Location: BR=Brazil, CHN=China, G=Germany, IN=India, PK=Pakistan, UK=United Kingdom, US=United States of America. Type: C=cross-sectional study or L=longitudinal study, P=prospective study or R=retrospective study. Site and treatment: A=alveolus, B=buccal, FOM=floor of mouth, G=gingival, L=lip, P=palate, RMT=retromolar trigone, T=tongue. Sub-groups and treatment: adj.=adjuvant, ALTFF=anterolateral thigh perforator free flap, ATF=anterolateral thigh flap, CIS=carcinoma in situ, CRT=chemo radiotherapy, DCIA=deep circumflex iliac artery, FF=free flap, FOM=floor of mouth, FOMF=fibular osteomyocutaneous flap, FPND=functional preserving neck dissection, HG=hemiglossectomy, LSM=lip-split mandibulotomy, MRND=modified radical neck dissection, ND=neck dissection, nil=no resection, PG=partial glossectomy, PMMF=pectoralis major myocutaneous flap, PO(C)RT=post-operative (chemo) radiotherapy, rec.=reconstruction, res.=resection, RFFF=radial forearm free flap, RT=radiotherapy, segm.=segmental, SG=subtotal glossectomy, SND=selective neck dissection, SOND=supraomohyoid neck dissection, STSG=split-thickness skin graft, TG=total glossectomy, V/MLR=visor or mandibular lingual release. Assessment: IQR=Inter Quartile Range, KW=Kruskal Wallis, m=months, MW=Mann Whitney Outcome mean (SD) 41.2 (13.2) Timing of assessment in m (range) ≥12 Treatment (n) Res. with ALTFF rec. N stage (n) N0: 27 N1: 12 N2: 23 N3: 3 T stage (n) T1: 4 T2: 8 T3: 31 T4: 22 Site (n) T(65) Age mean (SD) (range) in y Med. 49 (25-70) n (%male) 65 (86) Sub-groups N/A Table 1 (continued) Type C,R Location CHN Author 27. Zhang et al. (2020)