24 Although the importance and value of HR-QoL studies is widely acknowledged, there is little standardization in these studies.2 Use of different HR-QoL questionnaires makes it difficult to compare obtained data. One of the most frequently used questionnaires that specifically focuses on mastication is the university of Washington quality of life (UW-QoL) questionnaire.3 The UW-QoL is a brief and self-administered multi-factorial questionnaire, with questions specific to head and neck cancer (HNC), and reflects the QoL as indicated by the patient.19 To our knowledge, no overview is available regarding QoL based on UW-QoL outcomes in patients treated for oral cancer with an emphasis on masticatory ability. Therefore, this systematic review was conducted, to provide an overview of the available scientific literature on masticatory ability in relation to QoL in patients treated for oral cancer. This will provide insight into the effect of masticatory ability on HR-QoL in oral cancer patients after primary curative treatment. Methods This systematic review was conducted according to the preferred reporting item for systematic reviews and meta-analyses (PRISMA) guidelines.20 Eligibility criteria Studies that were eligible were full text articles focusing on HR-QoL and masticatory ability in oral cancer patients after primary curative treatment using the validated UW-QoL.3,19,21 There were no restrictions in year of publication or use of a translated version of the UWQoL. Exclusion criteria were: (1) studies that did not differentiate between different types of HNC; (2) inclusion of the oropharynx; (3) inclusion of the base of the tongue; (4) ameloblastoma or other benign tumors; (5) case reports, reviews, comments or ongoing trials; (6) and studies written in a language other than English. Information sources Studies were retrieved by searching the following electronic databases: PubMed, Embase and Cochrane. No limits were applied in the search. The final search was conducted on 2 November 2021. Search The search strategies terms were synonyms, variations and associated terms with regard to the following keywords: “head and neck neoplasms”, “mastication” and “quality of life”.