185 Curriculum vitae Jorine Vermaire was born in Goes, the Netherlands, on the 6th of August 1992. She grew up in the village Kattendijke, together with her parents, identical twin sister and younger sister. After primary school in Kattendijke, she attended secondary school in Goes at the Buys Ballot College, which she finished in 2010. Thereafter she started the bachelor program Biomedical Sciences at the Raboud University Nijmegen, followed by the master program Clinical Human Movement Sciences. During her studies, she completed various internships; her bachelor internship was at the cognitive neuroscience and biophysics department of the Donders institute in Nijmegen, and was about feedbackinduced perceptual learning. During her master program she completed the global health minor, in which she performed an internship at the WHO regional office for Europe in Copenhagen, Denmark. She studied the main components of national influenza surveillance systems in countries of the WHO European region and made a comparison with surveillance guidelines between these countries. The second internship during her masters was at the Sint Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen, where she studied differences in chewing between healthy children and children with cerebral palsy. Her final internship was at the Radboud university medical center at the department IQ healthcare, where she performed a qualitative study about perceptions and expectations of patients with facial paralysis, and how healthy body feedback could help with rehabilitation. After graduation in 2015, she applied for the position of research assistant in the UMC Utrecht to assist with the NET-QUBIC project (NETherlands Quality of life and Biomedical cohort studies In Cancer). During the two following years, she included patients with head and neck cancer, and performed the measurements corresponding to this research. In December 2017, she started her PhD position on the data collected in the NET-QUBIC project, at the department of radiation oncology under supervision of Chris Terhaard as promotor, and Caroline Speksnijder and Niels Raaijmakers as copromotors. After her PhD, Jorine started a position as research coordinator at the Verbeeten institute in Tilburg.