126 population are shown in Table 1 for the total patient group, and for subgroups based on treatment. Of the 41 patients receiving surgery, reconstruction was performed in 16 patients (39%), and neck dissection was performed in 29 patients (71%), of which 24 were elective neck dissection. Radiotherapy most often consisted of a 35 times 2 Gy schedule: of the 103 patients receiving RT, 55 received conventional RT (53%), 32 received accelerated RT (31%), 6 received hyper fractionated RT (6%), and 10 were classified as other. All patients received either intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) or volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT). Of the 43 patients receiving chemotherapy, 32 received cisplatin (74%), 6 received carboplatin (14%), and 5 received cetuximab (12%). Figure 1. Flowchart depicting the number of patients at each time point X: patients stopped participating; †: patients passed away; *: missing WST measurement