110 Results Baseline demographics and clinical characteristics are shown in Table 1 for the total patient group, and for subgroups based on tumor site. A total of 125 patients enrolled in this study, of which 112 underwent measurements at M0, 97 at M3, 100 at M6, 88 at M12, and 70 at M24 (Figure 1). During a 2-year follow-up, 18 patients were deceased, and 21 patients dropped out. The mean MAT score was 18.8 (SD=3.6) at M0, 19.2 (SD=4.3) at M3, 19.0 (SD=3.6) at M6, 18.3 (SD=4.0) at M12, and 18.8 (SD=3.7) at M24. The number of patients with masticatory dysfunction (a value above the MAT cut-off score of ≥ 20.5) was 32 at M0 (29%), 37 at M3 (38%), 28 at M6 (28%), 23 at M12 (26%), and 25 at M24 (36%). Figure 1. Flowchart depicting the number of patients at each time point X: patients stopped participating; †: patients passed away; *: missing MAT measurement