69 Grey zone amyloid burden Figure 2. Estimated longitudinal change on RAVLT delayed recall (continued) Bar graphs showing estimated longitudinal change for performance on RAVLT delayed recall over time. The sample was divided into subgroups using visual assessment (A), an increasing number of quantiles (B-I), and the predefined grey zone (J-K) (A. Visual assessment, B. 2-way division (BPND), C. 2-way division (SUVr), D. 3-way division (BPND), E. 3-way division (SUVr), F. 4-way division (BPND), G. 4-way division (SUVr), H. 5-way division (BPND), I. 5-way division (SUVr), J. Grey zone (according to K-means thresholds) (BPND), K. Grey zone (SUVr)). Bars represent predicted annual change in raw test score, error bars represent 95% confidence interval. P trend represents p-value for trend. *: p-value represents significance (<0.05) of the difference between the subgroup under investigation and the reference category within the subgroup division (1st subgroup). 3