1 | 41 Synthesis is to offer regarding sport activities, facilities, arrangements and allowances. Lastly, sport providers could be enabling and anchoring people to sustain sport participation, by employing well targeted (i.e., based on the occurrence of life events) online and offline marketing and communication strategies. This way, people are made aware of and attracted to participate in excising sport opportunities that are available to them and fit their new life situation. To sum up, I suggest that people can be motivated and empowered to sustain sport participation, especially during the transition to adulthood, by offering them sport concepts and activities that explicitly employ the benefits of practising sport, provide a high level of flexibility and autonomy, and are tailored to be combined with or linked to activities and responsibilities associated with becoming and being a student, professional, partner and parent. Additionally, significant others, event-related institutions or associated professionals and sport providers could be stimulated to act as sport activity enablers and anchors, motivating and empowering people to sustain sport participation. Hopefully, these suggestions can contribute to a future in which everyone is practising sport and reaping the physical, psychological and social benefits of it, from an early age, through all major life events, over their whole life course.