194 | Chapter 16 Table C8 Effects of (starting to) work on the odds of switching from practising sport in a club setting to practising sport in a “light” (commercial/alternative, group or individual) setting or not practising sport at all, versus continuing practising sport in a club setting; Complete results MAJOR LIFE EVENTSC Educational domain Continued full-time education Left full-time education Already left full-time education in wave 1 Employment domain Not working (>32 hours a week) Started working (>32 hours a week) Continued working (>32 hours a week) Relationship domain Stayed single Entered an intimate relationship Continued an intimate relationship Civil/marital domain Not cohabiting/married Started cohabiting/got married Continued cohabitation/marriage Parental domain Stayed childless Became a parent Already a parent in wave 1 Switching from practising sport (mostly) in a club setting to: ref. 0.596 0.709 0.286 0.345 Exp(B) Commercial/ alternative settinga sig.b ref. 0.094 0.544 0.022* 0.129 Exp(B) Informal group settinga sig.b Exp(B) ref. 0.893 1.080 0.809 0.834 Individual setting (alone)a sig.b ref. 1.454 0.876 0.550 0.816 Exp(B Not practising sport at alla sig.b