192 | Chapter 16 Table C7 Effects of (leaving) full-time education on the odds of switching from practising sport in a club setting to practising sport in a “light” (commercial/ alternative, group or individual) setting or not practising sport at all, versus continuing practising sport in a club setting; Complete results MAJOR LIFE EVENTSC Educational domain Continued full-time education Left full-time education Already left full-time education in wave 1 Employment domain Not working (>32 hours a week) Started working (>32 hours a week) Continued working (>32 hours a week) Relationship domain Stayed single Entered an intimate relationship Continued an intimate relationship Civil/marital domain Not cohabiting/married Started cohabiting/got married Continued cohabitation/marriage Parental domain Stayed childless Became a parent Already a parent in wave 1 Switching from practising sport (mostly) in a club setting to: ref. 0.423 0.614 0.076+ 0.330 Exp(B) Commercial/ alternative settinga sig.b ref. 1.109 0.974 0.822 0.962 Exp(B) Informal group settinga sig.b Exp(B) ref. 1.724 0.785 0.253 0.670 Individual setting (alone)a sig.b ref. 0.869 0.442 0.843 0.318 Exp(B Not practising sport at alla sig.b