144 | Chapter 15 are available there.” (Ivo) Naturally, when life as a student came to an end, these beneficial sport arrangements and privileges are lost. This impeded the continuation of sport participation for some participants: “When I finished my degree, I was no longer allowed to participate in sport as a member of the student association. I was not sure where I could practise sport other than at official sport clubs, but then it would become very serious with training sessions 2, 3 times a week. That was the reason for me to stop.” (Koos) As a professional, some participants were supplied with some sport related discounts or allowances by their employer that stimulated sport participation: “And then I started working for my current employer, who enabled us to go to a fitness centre with a discount: we initially paid 15 euros a year, one-off, so that was like nothing. So I thought I’m just going to participate. We now pay 15 euros per month, but that is still not bad at all.” (Thomas) “Yes I think it was in the first year I began to work here, it became known to me that if you live within a radius of so many kilometres from work, then you are entitled to an allowance of 750 Euros to purchase a bicycle for 750 euros. […] So I bought a racing bike.” (Mark) Reconsidering whether or not and how to integrate practising sport in the new life situations The general pattern we found in the narratives is that when participants experienced major life events, they re-evaluated their priorities and made deliberate reconsiderations whether or not and how to integrate practising sport in their new life situation as a student, professional, partner and/ or parent. These evaluations and considerations were based around new event-related responsibilities and activities, shifted resource balances and associated opportunities and constraints for sport participation. In general, the responsibilities and activities related to the new, more adult roles of participants as a student, professional, partner and/or parent were prioritised