5 | 143 Career, family, and sport participation: a simultaneous exhibition? “I started running when I became a teacher. With the nonsense the boys pulled in class, it was a hard job, especially at a primary technical educational level [which he was teaching]. I thought: I have to do something next to it, to have a positive outlet for the stress of my job. That was actually the biggest impetus to start practising sport.” (Zoran) “Instead of being busy with studying, work or being at home, it was nice for me to get out for a while and practise sport, to forget the daily stress. You can relieve yourself a little. This has also helped me a lot to maintain the work pace.” (Marijn) Economic resources The abovementioned perceived changes in temporal, social, physical and mental resources had an economic effect as well: it affected the demand side of sport participation, since it altered participants’ means for sport participation in terms of available time, social commitment or the physical or mental ability to practise sport after the occurrence of major life events that marked their transition to adulthood. Also, some participants perceived an increase (mostly when becoming a professional) or decrease (mostly when becoming a student, in a few cases when becoming a parent) in financial means. As expressed by some of them: “I finally ended up studying and living on my own in Nijmegen. But then I moved back home, because I needed to save money to pay off my student loans.” (Moniek) “First I got a wife, and children which cost a huge amount of money. Yes because you want to do something with them. So, this changes your life of course.” (Arnoud) Furthermore, some participants experienced changes at the supply side of sport participation during the transition to adulthood, specifically, when becoming a student and a professional. As students, they gained access to beneficial sport arrangements and privileges, such as an inexpensive subscription to the universities sport centre, granting access to a wide range of sports, sport facilities and sport activities, and the possibility to become a member of a great variety of student sport clubs and associations against low costs: “As a student you can do everything you want at the university sport centre, all sports