5 | 137 Career, family, and sport participation: a simultaneous exhibition? participants to a dialogue session in which the preliminary emergent themes and underlying patterns were presented, discussed, checked for interpretation and recognition (member checking) and finalised based on consensus. Next, the central research team joined the data sets for the final overall analysis, as the narrative data from the two samples turned out to be sufficiently saturated, rich and comparable (see also paragraph 5.2.1). After joining the sets, the first and last author performed a consistency check for the codings and went through all coded narrative segments of both sets (1082 in total) to ensure methodological quality of the data. Finally, the central research team conducted an overarching content analysis, based on the emergent themes and underlying patterns that resulted from the separate samples, to provide an answer to the central research question of this study. RESULTS In addressing the impact of major life events on sport participation during the transition to adulthood, the analyses of the separate samples revealed two broad emergent themes and underlying patterns. The first theme regards becoming and being a student, professional, partner, and/or parent. It concerns patterns we found within the narratives with respect to changing personal life situations when experiencing major life events that resulted in these new roles representing a more adult status within the career domain (i.e., student and professional) and family domain (i.e., partner and parent), and associated changes in resources to participate in sport. The second theme regards reconsidering whether or not and how to integrate practising sport in the new life situations. It concerns patterns in the narratives with respect to different choices made regarding sport participation and ways found to (re)start or sustain sport participation as a student, professional, partner and/or parent, including the underlying considerations and evaluations. In the upcoming paragraphs we present the results of our overarching content analysis of the 1082 narrative segments in the collected data, further investigating and elaborating these two themes and underlying patterns.