What is the ethical responsibility of companies towards animals? How do companies deal with this responsibility? Based on both empirical and normative-philosophical research, Monique Janssens argues that animal ethics is a blind spot in both business practice and academic business ethics, whereas companies do have significant responsibilities towards animals. Companies who engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) often consider the impact of business activities on people and the natural environment, but are less likely to consider their impact on animals. This book offers insight in how the commitment to animals of companies differs, how it can be assessed by website analysis, and what managerial and communicative factors promote an ethical corporate position towards animals. It connects animal ethics and business ethics on both an academic level and an applied level. In addition, it offers recommendations for both academic research and corporate practice to make animal ethics, and therefore animal welfare, part of CSR. Monique Janssens is an ethics researcher and consultant, who has worked for, and is working for several NGOs, institutions and companies, mostly in the fields of animal welfare, human welfare and environmental protection. She has published on animal ethics, business ethics and suicide prevention. It is her aim to bring the topic of animal ethics into the field of business ethics.